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The author is under especial obligation to the publishers for many valuable criticisms, to his wife Lilian Bergold Bernstorff for helpful suggestions, to Professor Chester Nathan Gould of The University of Chicago for a careful reading of the manuscript, and to Professor George O. 7 THE ARTICLES 8 THE NOUN 10 Strong declension and vowel mutation 10 Weak declension . 15 Mixed declension 16 Peculiarities of nouns 17 Differentiation of certain nouns 19 Proper nouns 21 Gender of nouns 22 THE ADJECTIVE : DECLENSION AND COMPARISON 24 THE ADVERB 33 THE NUMERALS 35 THE PRONOUN 36 Personal 36 Reflexive 38 Possessive 39 Interrogative 41 Relative 42 Demonstrative 44 Indefinite 46 THE PREPOSITION 47 THE CONJUNCTION . GERMAN GERMAN ROMAN GERMAN ROMAN FORM NAME FORM SCRIPT SCRIPT 9( a a (ah) A a 9 b be (bay) B b e c ce (tsay) C c & b de (day) D d @ e e(ay) E e g f ef (eff) F f 9 ge (gay) G g f) ha (hah) H h 3 i i(ee) I i 3 i jot (yot) J J / J8 I ka (kah) K k HANDBOOK OF GERMAN GRAMMAR GERMAN FORM GERMAN NAME ROMAN GERMAN ROMAN FORM SCRIPT SCRIPT S I el (el)- | LI ^ S ?

Curme of Northwestern University for scholarly suggestions and advice. 51 THE INTERJECTION 54 V vi HANDBOOK OF GERMAN GRAMMAR PAGE THE VERB 55 Auxiliary verbs of tense 55 Weak verbs 55 Irregular weak verbs 67 Strong verbs 67 Separable and inseparable verbs 70 Reflexive verbs .

There are several factors have been effecting the project implementation that have not been taken into consideration in the planning period. Summary of activities during reporting period The first, interim report of LIFE OTISHU project had been submitted on 30 th September It had covered the period from 1 st October 2004 to 31th July Since then several actions have been undertaken, most of them as they were described in revise proposal.

This project is a continuation of previous conservation work carried out on national level by national parks and MME. As land purchase is the crucial action in the project and it is to assure the consequent land management optimal for the Great Bustards, this was taken as priority no. The structure of governmental nature conservation was reorganized again this year, and the staff of national parks have been significantly reduced (10 people were dismissed from the beneficiary alone).

So weist der Fonds trotz aller Turbulenzen immer noch ein Plus von gut fünf Prozent auf.Google This is a digital copy of a book that was prcscrvod for gcncrations on library shclvcs bcforc it was carcfully scannod by Google as pari of a projcct to make the world's books discoverablc online.It has survived long enough for the Copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain.CONSERVATION OF OTIS TARDA IN HUNGARY Project N LIFE04/NAT/HU/ st Progress report Covering period: 1 st August st August 2006 Report compiled by: András Bankovics Kiskunság National Park Directorate H-6000 Kecskemét Liszt Ferenc u.19, Hungary Table of Contents 1. Summary Summary of activities during reporting period Milestones due in reporting period (including delayed ones of interim report) Checklist of deliverable products due in reporting period (including delayed products of interim report) Problems encountered 7 3.Detailed report of activities Progress on preparatory actions and management plans Progress on land purchase/leasing Progress on non-recurring biotope management Progress on recurring biotope management Public awareness and dissemination of results Overall project management ANNEXES 1-8. Introduction Recent progress report informs the Commission on the progress made in the framework of Conservation of Otis tarda in Hungary LIFE Nature project.

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