Strippers and dating

1 strip club in New York.” I’m here to investigate why certain guys want to date strippers.For good measure, I bring along my intern, Kate, a Hayden Panettiere doppelgänger.Email (Send & Receive) allow members to interact within Stripper Passions without giving out personal contact details.

Two are bankers, and the third is a lawyer who wonders aloud if we’re cops. “I might,” says one of the bankers, “but I heard they have real issues with men. “You end up telling yourself things like, Hey, it’s cool that other dudes think my girlfriend is hot!

After coughing up each to get in, we begin to ask men if they’ve ever dated strippers. He begins talking about a stripper named Amber, “one of the hottest girls at Scores.” Of course she was.

“But I’ve hung out with strippers before, and by Day Two, they’re usually spilling their daddy issues.” So, we ask him what kind of guys only want to date strippers. “And strippers are really hot, so that has to be important to you.” How insightful.

There was some kissing and making out over that time but nothing I wouldn’t expect any other stripper to do for the almighty dollar.

So one night, me and the four amigos go up to the club along with some other buddies and Anissa finds me around am.

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